Wednesday, December 7, 2011

MOBIBO's Download to Donate Continues With Donations to Children's Hospital of Michigan Foundation

Not long ago I posted about that MOBIBO banner that's on my right sidebar:

MOBIBO is a free app you can download for your iPhone or Smartphone. It connects to your phone's GPS system and finds local deals that are geographically close to you, wherever you may be. As you're out and about, MOBIBO will notify you on your phone when you are approaching a business that is running a deal. And get this: when you view the deal on your device, MOBIBO pays you 25 cents via Paypal! How sweet is that!? 

For a limited time, through Download to Donate, MOBIBO was donating 25 cents to Turning Point, a local shelter for abused women and children, every time anyone downloaded their app. This campaign lead to 692 downloads, which translates to $173 that was used by Turning Point to purchase Christmas gifts for children in their shelter.

While that campaign has ended, MOBIBO is still giving. From now until December 16, for every download MOBIBO will donate 25 cents to Children's Hospital of Michigan Foundation. According to the email I received about this campaign, 
"The foundation raises awareness to increase the health and well being of all children by advancing the science of pediatric health care through medical research, education, advocacy efforts and community outreach programs." 

Obviously, this is a great cause! So go ahead and download MOBIBO now on your smartphone or iPhone! It's a win-win for everybody! You can click this link for more information about Download to Donate, MOBIBO, how it works, and how YOU can help!

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Scott Thiemann said...


You're awesome! Thank you so much for your support of the "Download to Donate" charity initiative! We at MOBIBO appreciate everything you have done, and we just wanted to let you know it!

Thank you for continuing to post updates about the campaign. We are almost at the end of the Children's Hospital of Michigan Foundations time! After a few more days, we will be starting up our third and final charity initiative! If you would like information on the last charity, just send me an email at Once again, thanks so much :)