Monday, March 26, 2012

If I Had a Time Machine...

There's a thing or two I would love to share with the younger version of myself, should we ever have occasion to come face to face. Not likely, I realize, but with modern science being what it is, you never know.

  • Use the sunscreen. No, really. I get it - you look better, maybe even a lot better, with a tan. But you'll look even better with good skin later in life. And not getting skin cancer is a really good thing. So learn your way around some bronzers or something, but don't skimp on the sunscreen.
  • Just because you made it out of the teenage years relatively unscathed by the horrors of acne, doesn't mean you're out of the woods. For some of us lucky ones, it only gets worse. Take better care of your skin, who knows? Maybe it will help.
  • Do your Kegals. If you don't know what Kegals are, Google need to know. Trust me.
  • Never. Stop. Working out. Don't get lazy. One day you'll look in the mirror and suddenly realize that now you don't look so hot, but you used to look pretty good.
  • Realize that you do, indeed, look pretty good right now. Enjoy these pre-cellulite, pre-stretch mark, pre-deformed belly years. They are fleeting.
  • Don't be afraid of life. Seize it; it is yours and yours alone.
  • Do more, see more, try more.
  • Keep your friends close and cherish them. And make new ones all the time.
  • Don't ever quit doing things for yourself. Pursue your dreams, do things you enjoy doing, learn new things you're interested in.
  • Laugh a lot. Have fun. 
  • Realize that life is what you make it. That's right: Y-O-U. Don't wait for things to happen - make things happen.
Would you have any special messages for the former you? I understand that my past has made me who I am today, but I think who I am today could be a 'lil better if I could just get my hands on a time machine and have a little chat with younger me.

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