Sunday, March 4, 2012

Looking Forward

I am looking forward to a  lot of good things in the next several months. Very good things. 

Getting this stupid tooth of mine pulled. I am so sick of not eating on the left side of my mouth for fear that the crown is going to fall out again before my appointment. Then I can get an implant and not worry about this crap anymore. I hate dental work but I am anxious to have it behind me! 

Ninety-six days until summer break. I realize I should be counting down to the first day of spring, but you just never know with spring in Michigan. It could be freezing and gross through most of spring, and then there is the mud.

But I still am looking forward to the longer days of spring, and particularly 5 (measly) days off for Spring Break.

Spending Easter up north, like we did last year.

The kids' last day of catechism, in early May. One less thing to do after school...until next fall when I'll have 3 kids in catechism and Bethany will have to go at a different time 'cause she'll be in middle school. I can't think about the fall just yet, or I will quickly become overwhelmed. Four kids in three schools...

Dance recital! Last year we made the kids take a year off of all extra-curricular activities, and I really missed seeing my girls perform at their dance recital. So much fun!

No more diapers. This is coming very soon. In fact, I could just put Mattie in a pull-up over night now, but I'm still a little nervous when we're going to be out of the house for a long time, or in the car for awhile. She does still wake up wet pretty often, but I'm okay with nighttime pull-ups for a few more months.

Two glorious weeks in Port Austin in July. I can't wait to be sitting on the beach, with warm sand beneath my feet.

Road trip! I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. I am so excited to hit the road for a nice, long, cross-country road trip this summer. It's a good thing I'll have those two weeks in Port Austin to rest up and relax before our big journey, I have a feeling I'll need it.

Get-away with Chris. I don't when or where this is happening yet, but it is happening this year. For one or two or three nights...I don't care. As long as my husband and I can go somewhere alone together for a little trip, we'll both be happy.

Bethany starting band. It blows my mind to think that my baby girl will be in middle school this fall, but I am looking forward to her learning a musical instrument. I played the violin when I was her age, and it was really fun. I wish I had been able to stick with it. Her school sadly does not have an orchestra, but I hope she enjoys band. Being in a musical family, I hope all of our kids opt-in to band or choir.

What about you? Is there anything in particular that you're looking forward to right now?

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Tracy Balderach said...

Hi stranger! I clicked the green thumb for your entry. Great picture, by the way too! Have to ask because it's been on the table in my house.....did adding a 4th to your brood totally put you over the edge? :) I think my hubby and I would love to add another baby (would love to give Brody a brother), but do you feel like there is enough of you to go around to 4 kids? There are some days I only have barely enough for three....just wanted to hear your thoughts- And congrats on almost being out of diapers!!! That must be totally liberating for you guys!!!