Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So What! Wednesday

I'm linking up with Shannon over at Life After I "Dew" for some So What! Wednesday!

So What! if it's past 8 p.m. and I'm just getting around to writing my So What! Wednesday post?

So What! if I'm super excited about the book club my friends and I are just trying to get started? I'm a little nerdy like that.

So What! if I've already finished reading (in less than 24 hours!) our first official selection, even though we're not meeting again for two weeks? You might be thinking that time would have been better spent doing housework or whatever, but  I do a lot of reading while I'm doing stuff like waiting for Lucy at dance, waiting for the kids to come out of school, etc. Oh, in case you're wondering what book it was - because it was really awesome & you should definitely read it - it was The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

So What! if I'm thinking about jotting down some notes about the book because I'm afraid I already won't remember any of it by the time we have our next meeting in two weeks?

So What! if I'm going to continue to bug everyone to vote for me in the Wyndham Women on Their Way Contest right up until the bitter end? Which is March 31, by the way. As a reminder, I'm trying to become a Wyndham travel blogger, which will mean winning 200,000 Wyndham Rewards points, $800 in American Express gift cards, and more! And the great thing is that voting is super easy and involves absolutely NO registration or other annoying stuff!

So What! if I'm not going to win the Nicest Mother of the Year award, based on the fact that I keep threatening to cut Mathilda's hair if she doesn't stop pulling Lucy's hair? Isn't that awful of me? It does seem to work, albeit temporarily, but I'm afraid I'm going to start putting ideas in her head about cutting hair so I should probably stop.

So What! if Mathilda is sweet as pie all day long while the kids are at school, and then when they get home she turns into a holy terror? Actually it's really annoying...

So What! if I can't stand bath time, and longingly look forward to the day when Lucy & Mattie are able to shower or bathe themselves? 

So What! if I think I'm perfectly fine with being a sort of pseudo vegetarian who still eats meat every once in awhile? I'm not really concerned with being a "true" vegetarian or whatever.

So What! if it's now past 8:30 p.m. and I'm still contemplating whether or not I'm going to exercise today?

What are you saying So What! to this week?

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Brandy Bruce said...

Ha! I was just thinking the same thing! Wondering if I'm going to work out even though it's after 8:00.