Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Brother and Sisters

Since I was an only child, sometimes it is just so foreign to me, dealing with four kids. I love the chaos, yet occasionally crave the peace and quiet I grew up with. However, there are times when I see them together, and how they interact and love each other and it makes every screaming fight worth it, and then some.

One day, as an example. At the park. Connor and Bethany are taking turns letting Mathilda sit on their laps as they go down the big slide.

Later on, at home. Bethany realizes she has enough money to buy the new 4G iPod Touch she's been saving for. Chris says he can list her old 3G on Craig's List so she can maybe get some of her money back. She says that she knows Lucy would like to have an iPod so she's going to give it to her instead of selling it.

Bedtime. I go upstairs to tuck the kids in. I go in Connor's room first, and find that Bethany and Lucy are in there too and they've decided to all sleep together.

Other things throughout the day. Bethany gets Mathilda out of her crib when she wakes up in the morning and brings her downstairs without being asked. Lucy and Mathilda share a snack at the park. Connor and Lucy are running around the house playing and laughing together. Countless other moments.

They fight. Sometimes they're downright mean to one another. But what they have is special and wonderful. The best gift we ever could have given them is each other. I hope someday they realize that, and never forget it.


Ashley Slater said...

yay, so cool I found you! I love finding fellow michigan bloggers! I am pretty sure your header pic is from mackinac island, right?!? following you now for sure!


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alyaia75 said...

Ashley, I'm thrilled to connect with Michigan bloggers too! Yes my picture is from Mackinac Island. I will be visiting your blog too :-)