Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Time To Face the Back to School Shopping Music

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As much as it pains me to admit it, back to school time is quickly approaching. I'm soaking up every second of summer, but at the same time I have to face the reality that it's time to start preparing for fall. I'll have three in big kid school this year (boo hoo!), which means quite a bit of shopping needs to be done.

We've started a little bit, but since I'm pretty sure Bethany, Connor, and Lucy have all had growth spurts this summer, and I don't intend to send them to school wearing floods, there's a lot more to do. Last year we started doing some one-on-one school shopping with Bethany and Connor, and this year we'll do the same - adding Lucy to the mix of course! This way each of them will get some individual attention while shopping for their school clothes.

I don't like paying full price for anything, so I watch for sales and coupons. I get many emails alerting me to special discounts at some of my favorite stores. I do some online shopping too. One good online resource for back to school shopping is Bealls. They have all sizes and many fashionable options at good prices. They also carry uniforms, so if that's what you're shopping for, you may want to check them out.

Bethany is going into 5th grade, and she is a definite fashionista. She is really into accessories, like scarves, jewelry, hats, and even fake glasses. I'm sure she'll be wanting some skinny jeans, over-size tops, hoodies, and cool boots. She also likes retro looks, and can sometimes be found perusing the internet for 80's fashion inspiration.

Connor is going into 3rd grade, and as long as he has jeans and a t-shirt, he's good to go. He wears short sleeve t's when the weather is warm, and moves onto long sleeve t's when it gets cooler. Sometimes he layers a short sleeve t-shirt over a long sleeve one. He prefers his shirts to have some kind of cool picture, whether it's a familiar character or a skull and crossbones, he doesn't really care. This year I'm sure he'll want new jeans, hoodies, and short and long sleeve t-shirts. His color palette is mostly black/grey/blue.

Lucy is starting kindergarten. That's a whole other post (or 10), but she is a little princess. She loves wearing pretty, girly things, and would prefer skirts and dresses every day of the week. Anything adorned with jewels, glitter, lace, sparkles, or princess images is right up her alley. We'll be shopping for leggings and oversize tops (a nice, warmer alternative to skirts and dresses when the cold weather hits), tights, and feminine, embellished jeans.

How about you? How do you make back to school shopping affordable and fun? What are your kids wearing this fall?

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NovemberSunflower AND StaciandherScorpios said...

My little girl is starting all day kindergarten this September.....and so the Back to School blues have started for me. She's excited and cannot wait to go. Makes me proud, but sad and a little scared.
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