Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wishing Well Wednesday

What I'm wishing for this week...

  • I'm wishing for a miracle for Chris's cousin's little girl, who was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. 
  • I'm wishing for good health news for my friend Shelly.
  • I'm wishing for new flooring in my family room.
  • I'm wishing for Bethany to know her multiplication facts inside out, upside down and backwards before school starts.
  • I'm wishing for Lucy to love kindergarten.
  • I'm wishing for August to stretch on and on and on.
  • I'm wishing for some exercise motivation.
  • I'm wishing for Mathilda to sleep at night.
  • I'm wishing for Mathilda to want to use the potty.
  • I'm wishing for the cleaning fairy to come and clean my kids' bedrooms.
How about you? What are you wishing for this week?


Tracy Balderach said...

I love your blog!

I'm wishing that my Callie Anne would also want to use the potty, that my almost 4 month old would want to sleep, sleep, sleep through the night, that this warm weather would stay another 3 months and that I had time to call all of my best girlfriends to tell them I love and miss them dearly!

Thought and prayers for the sweet child with lymphona!

alyaia75 said...

Thanks Tracy, and I love your blog and all the pictures of your beautiful babies!

Unknown said...

I'm wishing all this comes true for you and those you listed!

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