Friday, August 12, 2011

Potty Training Help From the Looster Booster

I've potty trained three kids. It was no fun but I got through it more or less intact. One might think potty training a fourth kid would be no biggie. Hmmm. Just one more example of how very different each kid is. Mathilda is stubborn. She likes to be the baby. She likes to act like a baby. She makes me want to scream on a daily basis. And definitely not just for potty training reasons.

We have a little potty. We also have an insert for the big toilet. We have books and movies about the potty. We have older kids who are happy to encourage her and demonstrate how to use the potty. Goodness knows she never leaves me alone while I'm in the bathroom. So she's seen plenty. She knows what to do. She tells me pretty much every time she's gone potty in her diaper. Sometimes she tells me before she goes, and then holds it indefinitely as I rush to get her on a potty in time. She won't be bought with bribery and promises of treats and goodies. She has no problem running around the house naked and relieving herself wherever she happens to be at that moment. She's nonchalant about going potty in big girl panties. Wet squishy panties? Eh, whatevs.

Little Looster Booster Step Stool
One problem was that she was unable to get up and down from the toilet on her own. Well, without putting herself in perilous danger every time she tried. That's where the Looster Booster came in. The Looster Booster is a kind of step stool that goes around the toilet to help little ones get up and down securely. It's plenty big enough and sturdy enough, and it doesn't slide around the floor. There's a raised pattern all along the top of it too, which helps little feet not slip. Some kids don't like their feet to be dangling several inches from the floor. With the Looster Booster they can rest their feet and feel safe.

Mathilda likes to be able to climb up on the toilet by herself, and get down with no help. But unfortunately she still doesn't like to actually use the toilet. Sigh.

I think the Looster Booster is a great product. Once Mathilda is ready to get down to the serious business of potty training, I know it will be a big help. Plus I will feel better knowing that she has a safe way to get up and down (my friend's daughter broke her little leg falling off the toilet).

I do have to note, the Looster Booster is pretty big. We have a small bathroom, and I find it a little awkward to use the toilet with it in place. So we do end up shuffling it around sometimes. However, I'm happy to accept the size because I know it will be a temporary fixture in our bathroom, and it will help my daughter to feel more secure and to be safer while learning to use the potty.

Have you seen or used the Looster Booster? What other tools do you have to aid in the potty training process? I want to know what tips and tricks have worked for you, because I am really terribly sick of buying diapers!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Looster Booster for review purposes. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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