Friday, August 19, 2011

School Days Are Coming

Is this lovely summer really coming to a close already? We will be celebrating Bethany's (10th!!) birthday this weekend, which is our annual signal that the summer fun is nearly over. We've done a lot and will be cramming in as much as we can these last days of blissful freedom. I can't believe in less than a month I will be sending Lucy off to kindergarten, Connor to 3rd grade, and Bethany to 5th. Last year of elementary school! How did this happen? Although I will thoroughly enjoy the one on one time with Mathilda, I have already been scouring the school district calendar for days off throughout the coming year. I don't want summer to end.

And here's another thing. Last summer I was super good about keeping Bethany and Connor busy with school work so they would be totally prepared for the new school year. They read everyday, wrote in journals, and worked in their Summer Bridge activity books. This summer...not so much. They haven't been reading or writing nearly as much as they should. I didn't buy Summer Bridge books this year (and I might add that it irritates me that there is a special rewards day for kids who complete these work books over the summer - they cost money, it's a public school...I just think it's kind of crap). So no, I don't think they'll be going back as prepared this fall. And I feel bad about that, because let's face it, there is always something to feel bad about as a parent. It almost doesn't feel like I'm doing my job if I'm not worrying or feeling guilty every moment of every day.

On the flip side, they've spent more time swimming, playing outside, and just plain old hanging out with no structured activities. And that's important too. I'm trying not to feel like a horrible mother because I've primarily been letting them relax and have fun. It's been an absolutely fabulous summer, so I'm just going to let that outweigh everything else. Although we will be practicing ABC's and multiplication facts in between our end of summer fun these next few weeks...

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