Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Credit Who?

When I went away to college, I was a largely ignorant teenager. I was utterly clueless as to the importance of something as simple as a credit report. Thus I was easily swayed by the credit card vultures who hovered around campus, snaring unsuspecting kids and promising them credit cards, even without an income. And there began my journey through credit card hell. I wonder if they're still doing this to kids? 

Bethany claims that she cannot wait to move out of the house. Maybe this should be a stab to the heart, but I get it. I was the same way. I yearned for freedom. Plus I'm pretty sure that if someone told her she could leave home tomorrow and be on her own, she'd change her mind real quick. Which is a good thing, because I question the ability of someone who can't even remember to do her homework, feed the hermit crabs she begged and pleaded for, or bring home her boots, to take care of herself . So hopefully she'll stick around at least until college.

Perhaps with a little guidance she can avoid the kind of traps I fell into. If we teach our kids about being financially responsible, including what it means to have a credit card and the importance of looking into getting a free credit score report every once in awhile, then maybe they'll be a lot more savvy than I was at that age. I've heard they teach some of these types of concepts in high school now, and I hope it's required for all students. We've got a little time to transform them into financially responsible and knowledgeable young adults, thank goodness. 

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