Friday, February 10, 2012


Since yesterday was my birthday, and I wrote about that instead of my typical Thursday Thankful post, I thought I'd do my thankful post today instead. Today I'm thankful for:

  • My birthday party (actually co-party for my friend Angela & I) that Miss Tina hosted last weekend. People cooked and everything, even Tina's mother-in-law (who wasn't even at the party)! And Tina's husband and kids left over night so that our fun could go on until 5 a.m. (and it did!).
  • Meeting my cousin at Tim Horton's after morning drop-off.
  • Since Lucy has started her new asthma medication, she is doing so much better. I think I've only had to give her 2 breathing treatments, which is really great!
  • This mild winter. Today is cold and some snow flakes are blowing around, but I do not miss the tension of driving on the ice (on my never-salted street). Spring is in sight!!!
  • New tires. We definitely weren't planning on that expense, but the van is driving so much better!
  • Chocolate bumpy cake.
  • Planning our summer road trip. I could look at maps 24 hours a day and never get bored.
  • My friends. Oh my gosh I love them all!
  • Birthday breakfast with my friend Angela and her little boy. And a birthday voice mail from her other son later on!
  • Homemade cookies from Angela on my birthday.
  • Birthday presents.
  • Clothes shopping all by myself.
  • Clearance racks at Macy's.
  • My chiropractor. Love, love, love him!
  • Extended chat with my friend Hilary on my birthday (and Starbucks gift cards!!)
  • Birthday breakfast with my friend Julie and her little girl. Mattie came with me because Julie's little girl is her BEST FRIEND. She cannot talk enough about how much she loves her. They are so cute. Every time we go anywhere together, I just know everyone is looking at them and thinking about how stinkin' cute they are. Either that or they are praying for us to leave because it's a known fact that the baby in the family is always way loud (and they are both the baby  in the family...). 
  • Homemade cherry cheese pie from Julie for my birthday. I can't wait to dig into it! Can you even believe how spoiled I am???
  • That one of my favorite local bloggers ( posted a link to this video on her Facebook page. Thank you, I am now totally obsessed with this song. That link is a cover by Walk Off the Earth, but I'm also loving the original by Gotye. I keep alternating them. It never gets old.
  • Looking forward to a birthday lunch with my friend Shelly next week. Can't wait to see her!
  • My new black leggings, which I'm wearing right now with a new sweater, which I also love. Only problem is I feel like curling up for a nap, that's how comfy I am.
  • That I found a certain bill which I had misplaced, and it's not even due until next week. Phew!
I could go on, but I promised Mattie I'd read to her before we pick the kids up, and she's been waiting so patiently. What are you thankful for today?

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