Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shopping for Less

I think it's become a federal offense to pay retail for anything. Every day I get emails from at least half a dozen different websites offering various discounts and deals on everything from vacations to clothes to restaurant meals. It's gotten to the point where I find myself weeding through my old emails before going out to dinner with Chris, just to make sure we're not overlooking a deal that's been emailed to me for the restaurant we're heading to. Lots of these websites cater to local establishments, which is really great. We've used several and as a result it now feels sort of like we're being cheated if we don't have a discount of some sort for just about anything.

Other online discount websites, such as, are more about offering deals on internet shopping. In addition to regular deals, this particular website features random "insanity deals", which are products sold at crazy discounts of 80-95% off the retail price. Your deal isn't confirmed until the payment is complete, so they do require customers to register. That way you can quickly snatch up the deal you  have your eye on, without wasting time filling in all of your payment and shipping information. Each deal is good for one day only, and shipping is $2.00 per item (U.S. only). By using a unique referral code and getting friends to sign up for nomorerack, you can earn prizes. Your friends don't even need to make a purchase for you to get credit, they simply need to register! Plus, you get to choose your prize.

Have you used or a similar website? What was your experience?

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