Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nice and Easy

Usually February weather keeps me bundled up from head to toe every time I leave the house, and huddled up under a cozy blanket when I'm indoors. I hate the frigid cold temperatures that are generally synonymous with winter time in Michigan.

Today, on this February afternoon, my kids have been playing outside. But not in their snow pants and boots. They've been riding bikes and drawing with sidewalk chalk. I don't think I've worn a hat more than two or three times all winter, and I've barely had occasion to wear my brand new snow boots. I bought Bethany and Connor new snow pants a couple months ago, and I think they have worn them twice, maybe. Yesterday while the kids were at school it snowed, and I thought, "Oh well, winter will be over soon. The kids will be happy if they get a chance to play in the snow." However, by the time I picked them up from school, all the snow was completely melted. For the first time in their school careers, they have not had one single snow day. Not even a close call. I am not complaining at all, but I'm finding myself oddly wistful for the snow I dislike so much. Not that wistful, but a little pretty snow to cover up the mud would be okay for a short time.

Being that this is Michigan, pretty much anything goes weather-wise. Sometimes March is one of the worst months of winter, so there's a good chance we're not in the clear yet. I remember one year, before we had kids, Chris and I went to Chicago in March. We had been having spring like weather, but on the way to Chicago we encountered a sudden ice storm. Cars were sliding off the expressway all around us, and the heat in our old car didn't work unless we were driving over 70 mph. That was a perilous drive that I'll never forget. So I know that there is still a decent chance the kids will get to play in the snow some more, and maybe get their wish of a snow day. But at the rate things have been going, I kind of doubt it.

Winter is my least favorite season, by far. But this one has been so easy and gentle on me, I almost haven't minded it. Maybe I even appreciate the snow a little more since we've had so little of it. There's something to be said for that hush that falls over the world of freshly fallen snow. There's something to be said for shoveling the walk, and building a snow fort, and catching snowflakes on your tongue. And don't forget about waiting anxiously to see if our school district is closed for the day!

Give me one or two more of these gloriously mild winters, though, and I'm sure I'll happily forget all about the wonders of snow. I could get used to sunny, barely cold winter days. Maybe this is the universe prepping me for the life I should be living - on a beach in a tropical climate.

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Tracy Balderach said...

I'm with ya on the love of mild winters....honestly, I think the horrid winter that most of the country had last year, mother nature knew we needed some reprieve. Hoping your kids can get some wear out of the new snow gear, though. That stuff is expensive!