Friday, April 20, 2012

ENDED Rubbermaid Giveaway: Hidden Recycler

In honor of Earth Day, which is coming up this Sunday, April 22, I am reviewing the new Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler! Plus YOU will have the chance to win one too!

Living green is important every single day, and one of the main things I do in support of this beautiful planet of ours is recycle as much as I can. Where we live, we are fortunate enough to have a curb side recycling program. That means on our trash pick-up day every week, a separate truck comes around collecting our recyclables. Everyone has a bin to fill with recycle items and put at the curb with the trash on garbage day. Actually, in our family we have two bins, and most weeks they are both full. The kids all know to rinse out their yogurt containers and to put their old school papers in the recycle bin. Since we typically have so many recyclable items in a given week, it's easy for it to quickly become out of control. People get lazy about taking each thing outside. We end up with piles of stuff on the counter or next to the kitchen garbage, and bags of stuff hanging off drawer handles. To counteract the laziness factor, we decided to start keeping one of our recycle bins on the back porch, right outside the door. This has helped quite a bit. The kids don't mind taking their recyclables outside if they don't have to put on their shoes and (in the winter) coat to do it.

When Rubbermaid offered me the opportunity to try their new Hidden Recycler, I thought this would be a product that could help us even more in our recycling endeavors. The Hidden Recycler is a 5 gallon bag that attaches to the inside of your cupboard door. It is big enough to hold 36 12-ounce cans and it can even fit a milk jug. The bag is leak proof and machine washable. Sounds great, right? Anything that gets stuff off the counter is fabulous in my opinion.

The Hidden Reycler requires a little bit of assembly, but nothing too complicated. I'd say if you don't make any mistakes (like I did) it would probably take about 5 minutes to put together.

See those little plastic notches in each corner of the frame? They should be pointing DOWN. Learn from my missteps.

Here are the little notches close-up. There are four of them. The frame slides up to the top of the bag.
Here is the lid, which attaches to the cupboard door with two little hooks (included).
The framework/handle from the bag then slides into a slot on the lid. Ideally, the cupboard door should close.

The bottom line? I think this is an awesome product. It could really streamline recycling and make it much easier. However, it simply does not fit in my kitchen cupboards (boo hoo!). The included hooks are optional, and there are holes for screws, but even going that route the Hidden Recycler does not fit in our cupboard. I am really disappointed, but I'm going to find a good home for it. I'm sure someone I know has more reasonably sized cupboard doors! The product is 12.7 inches wide, but a couple inches clearance on each side is necessary as well.

I wish this was my kitchen. This could be me, strolling out to the recycle bin with my Hidden Recycler.

So, now is the part where you have the chance to win your very own Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler!

See the Rafflecopter form below to enter. Good luck!

I received a complimentary Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler for review purposes. All opinions are my own. The winner's prize will be shipped directly from Rubbermaid. 

Please note: the winner must be a resident of the U.S. or Canada!

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Jonnie (JB) said...

I love recycling. I accompanied my son's class on a trip to our local recycling facility and it was amazing. It is the largest facility in North America and it was so fun to see how it all works and what a big difference it makes.

uno2425 said...

looks interesting. I would love to win it!

Anonymous said...

I have to go out of my way to recycle they took away our public bins in our county (St. Clair) they were like big dumpsters that you had to drive to. So Dave takes them to his work in Macomb County where they recycle or I take them to my mom's on Sun night where she has curb pickup but that is an hour away....anything to help me keep recycling glad to do it and protect the earth for my children and grandchildren!

Julie said...

I would like to win this sure would come in handy thanks

Sue2Sueper said...

I already recycle cardbaord, paper, glass, plastic and cans! This will make life easier to be organized.

Jessica T. said...

I recycle our aluminum cans and the cans from my work! My son's birthday is Earth Day!

Gina M (crave to save) said...

we try to participate in our county's bi weekly recycling and this would really help! Thanks for the chance to win!
gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Bree said...

We recycle and I would love to win this!

breej23 at hotmail dot com