Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday

A Thing of Beauty by Michigalmom
A Thing of Beauty, a photo by Michigalmom on Flickr.

Today I am thankful for my new washer and dryer. Last week some time our dryer went kaput. We thought maybe it was just clogged up with lint, but after taking everything apart and shaking everything out we could, then sucking up the rest with the vacuum attachment, we realized that wasn't the problem because the dryer still didn't work. Considering that I do 10+ loads of laundry a week, it wasn't exactly time or cost efficient for our dryer to take over 24 hours to dry a single load of laundry. And then we figured we might as well get a new washing machine too so that they'll both be the same age. And we can hopefully save quite a bit on our water, energy, and detergent usage.

Our new set was delivered this morning. Chris got most of it set up before he left for work, and I am patiently waiting for him to get home and finish because I can't wait to get started on laundry! For one thing, I am looking forward to playing with my new toys. And there's the thing about the laundry which is taking over our house way more than usual.

We are lucky to have a nice, finished laundry room (courtesy of previous home owners), but it's always pretty trashed because of the sheer volume of laundry that I'm constantly doing. And also it's in the basement and has a door that closes so nobody has to look at it. But our new washer and dryer are so pretty, I am motivated to clean and organize their new home. I have a board dedicated to laundry room ideas on Pinterest. Maybe I can put some of them to use!

I am particularly thrilled that the new washer and dryer stack on top of each other. Now I can't keep any laundry on top of the dryer! Chris is super excited about that because that's one of his pet peeves. I'm really just glad to have some more space in the room now. I might even be able to squeeze in a small garment rack. I hang lots of stuff to dry, and let me tell you it gets pretty tricky finding places to hang it without a garment rack.

We are definitely less than thrilled to have to drop money on this right now. But it is what it is. I am so thankful that we were able to buy what we wanted, that we have a nice room to put our precious new appliances in, and that I can soon begin the process of getting caught up with the laundry (again!). I'm also grateful that I can do laundry right here at home and don't have to lug it to a laundry mat.

(I may or may not be crossing my fingers for the stove to go next.)

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