Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for time with friends, which rejuvenates and de-stresses me.

I'm thankful for Monday morning book club, which has me eagerly looking forward to the beginning of the week, instead of dreading the end of the weekend.

I'm thankful for good books and the ability to read them, something that is easy to take for granted.

I'm thankful that the Easter candy is almost gone.

I'm thankful for Mattie's little obsessions, which currently include sleeping in ballet slippers and wearing shoes at all times.

I'm thankful that Bethany, Connor, and Lucy are like a well-oiled machine in the morning...getting ready for school like pros and never making us late.

I'm thankful that Connor enjoyed his field trip to our state capital yesterday and didn't seem to mind too much that I couldn't go with him. I'm also thankful that one of my friends was chaperoning and I knew she would call me if there were any issues (which there weren't).

I'm thankful for springtime, and watching the neighborhood explode in color as trees and flowers wake up after their long winter nap.

I'm thankful that Chris's awful mouth infection is clearing up and he's not in horrible pain anymore.

I'm thankful for the several times a day that Mattie says, "I cuddle you a minute?" and that most of the time I can drop what I'm doing to indulge her.

I'm thankful that Connor finally got a haircut the other day and that Chris had the girl cut it super short so he won't need another one for quite awhile. And now he looks like TinTin, but without that little flip in the middle.

I'm thankful that Lucy won 3rd place in the school book mark contest that she is student of the month in music, and especially that she is so excited about these achievements.

I'm thankful that my cousin was able to bring his new baby home from the hospital this week, after spending over a week in intensive care.

I'm thankful that maybe we can save our dryer, which we thought was toast & that we're really not in the mood to replace at the moment.

What are you thankful for this week?

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holli said...

I am grateful that my brother and his family were not harmed in the tornadoes last weekend in OKC.

I am grateful that I love my job and enjoy going to work every day.

I am grateful that my boyfriend has 2 kids that i adore.

I am grateful for fun blogs to read and inspire my own.