Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So What! Wednesday

I'm linking up with Shannon over at Life After I "Dew" for So What! Wednesday!

So What! if there are still bags of stuff all over my living room...from both of our trips we took during Spring Break? Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'll get to it...soon...

So What! if Mattie has been watching t.v. pretty much every waking moment for the last 24 hours? She was really sick with some tummy yuck yesterday, so I'm letting her be as lazy as she wants to be.

So What! if it's driving me crazy that I can't find one of our bags from our Easter weekend trip? I even went outside and looked in the trash cans because I know for absolute certain we had that bag in the van on the way home!

So What! if I steal jelly beans from the kids every chance I get? What I need to do is start throwing them away!

So What! if I'm actually sitting here eating Easter candy right now, when what I should be doing is thinking about my workout for the day, or planning healthy meals my family?

So What! if it takes me way too long to get back in the swing of things after being away from home for a few days?

So What! if I love sleeping with my snuggly little Mattie once in awhile? Although it is much preferable for the sleeping to be happening in my bed, rather than on the couch, which is where we slept last night. After the pukies yesterday I was too afraid to let her sleep up in her bedroom.

What are you saying So What! to this week?

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Brandy Bruce said...

Your fifth So What is what my life currently looks like at this moment too! :) And you know, sometimes the only payoff when kids are sick is that they're extra snuggly! You gotta take those snuggles whenever you can get 'em. :) Btw, I'm your newest follower, would love it if you'd follow me too!