Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Summer Fun

Summer is coming, my favorite time of year. My kids have a mere 8 weeks of school left! I am probably just as excited as they are. Our vacation plans are going to take up a huge chunk of our break this year. We'll be spending a couple weeks on a beach vacation in the thumb, and then we'll be taking our epic road trip to Washington and Idaho. Hopefully we'll be able to squeeze in a couple shorter trips as well. As always, I'm ambitious and optimistic when it comes to planning. In my mind we have lots more time than we actually have to get everything done that I've been dreaming about since last summer.

Even though we'll be traveling a lot, we'll still have quite a bit of time to do all the other fun summer activities that we love. Like going to parks, visiting with friends, and staying in our pj's all day. One thing I know we'll be doing a lot of is swimming. We'll be swimming on vacation every chance we get, but we'll also be visiting local pools and my father-in-law's backyard as much as we can. Last year was great because Connor overcame his fear of the deep end and mustered up the courage to jump off the diving board, which he now loves. This year's goal will be to get Lucy swimming without a flotation device. Maybe we'll even do a couple weeks of lessons at the beginning of the summer to give her a little jump start.

Last year we got a small pool for our backyard. It's just big enough for all of us to get in and cool off, but not deep enough to do any real swimming. However, sometimes the convenience of going out the back door to cool off and play in the pool instead of having to drive someplace else to do it, just can't be beat. We haven't decided if we're going to put it up again this year. One factor to consider is the expense of keeping it going, including electricity and supplies. Doheny is an online retailer selling discounted pool supplies. If we do decide to use our little pool this summer, we will definitely look into purchasing our supplies from this website.

I am so excited to get our summer under way! Do you have any special plans for summer? Does your family love to swim? Where do you swim - in your own backyard, a local park, or a private club?

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