Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Bethany: I miss you. Come home from camp already. Our house is way too quiet without you.
Dear Mathilda: Your quirks are sometimes terribly aggravating, but if I stop being annoyed for a second I can immediately see that it's adorable that you insist on wearing skirts everyday, and endearing that you like peanut butter sandwiches - no jelly - with the crust cut off. You are one opinionated 3-year old, that's for sure!
Dear Gardner-White: I sure hope I can come in and spend my $1K gift certificate this weekend! And the free next day delivery on mattresses is sure to light a fire under my butt to hurry up and get my bedroom massively cleaned up in a big fat hurry!
Dear Halloween: I love you, but when did you become a month-long celebration? So far we have 5 Halloween events under our belt this year, and at least 3 more to go before the actual day of Halloween. I guess we call that good old-fashioned American excess? When I was a kid, we wore our costumes to school on Halloween, went trick-or-treating, and that was that.
Dear Candy: I don't know what you do to me, but I am powerless in your presence.
Dear Couch25K: Thank you for existing. Before I found out about you, I never really thought I could be a runner in any shape or form. Now I'm thinking I am actually going to conquer the 5K.
Dear Friends and Readers: You guys gave me so many awesome tips for putting together a robot costume for Mattie! And now she wants to be a butterfly.
Dear Chris: Thank you for taking care of the van this week. I think I would lose my mind if I had to listen to the brakes grinding for one.more.second.
Dear Me: Way to go with sticking to the workouts. Now, keep your dang hands out of the candy bowl! And for Pete's sake, don't bake anything!
Dear Cousin Kelly: I'm so happy you eluded death this week. So happy.

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