Monday, October 15, 2012

ENDED Plants Vs. Zombies and a GIVEAWAY!

Confession time: I could barely tear myself away from Plants Vs. Zombies long enough to write this review. Proceed with caution.

Plants vs Zombies

When I was given the opportunity to choose something from Big Fish Games to review, I decided to try something a little different from games I had played in the past. Before making my final decision, I took advantage of the Big Fish one-hour trial period. That's right, you can try any game you'd like for one hour before you take the plunge to purchase it. I love that feature, because who wants to spend money on a game when you're not even sure you're going to like it?

I had so much fun playing Plants Vs. Zombies during my trial period that I knew it was the one I wanted to play in more depth and review. Since I am always pretty much right in the midst of my kids while I'm doing anything on the computer, they couldn't help but notice the game. And of course they wanted in on it too.

Main Menu - Plants vs. Zombies

From the Main Menu, you can choose to play an adventure (as you can see, I'm on level 7), a mini-game, a puzzle, or survival. I'm not sure what survival is, as I have yet to unlock that. You can also go to the shop to buy stuff, consult the Almanac for information about each type of zombie as well as the different varieties of plants in the game, or tend to your zen garden. I'm not sure yet if the zen garden eventually plays a role in the game.

Each adventure level has a slightly different setting which brings with it a new wave of zombies. Certain plants are only used on specific levels. Some levels are in daylight, some are night, some involve water. Right now I'm on a level that takes place on a rooftop, which involves using different plants as weapons. Before you begin, you can choose which items you want to use. Keep in mind that although you may have quite a few weapons in  your arsenal, there is a limited number of spots that can be used, so you must pick and choose which items you'd like to use. As the game progresses, players have opportunities to purchase (with game money - not real money) additional slots.

The first thing to do, once you choose "adventure", is to pick out which plants you'd like to use. The items that are available will be lit up.Then once the game begins, you get busy planting your plants and hope that you do it in such a way that strategically eliminates all the zombies.

I don't know what it is about killing zombies, but for whatever reason it soon becomes addictive. Please note that the images are not graphic.There is no blood and guts. Yes, the zombies and the plants each have but one purpose: to destroy the other. But somehow, when there is a cartoon zombie stumbling around with a pail stuck to his head and a pea plant is shooting peas at him, it doesn't exactly come across as violent. My kids crack up as they gather around the computer and watch me play. The 3-year old is not even the least bit scared. Therefore, I would say that Plants vs. Zombies is a family-friendly game.

Once purchased, Big Fish games are downloaded onto your computer. Then you can play them anytime you want! I know you'd love an excuse to spend some quality time playing games on your computer, so why don't you enter to win a game code for a Big Fish game of your own! You can choose which game! Just use the easy peasy Rafflecopter form below to enter!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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Unknown said...

As far as computer games go, Im hooked on Diablo 3

Unknown said...

If I win I would definately get Plants vs Zombies for the boys

keri m szawara said...

i liked plants vs zombies when i played with my kids.

keri szawara said...

Plants vs zombies for sure!

Betsy said...

I don't play computer games, but my son loves all the Sesame Street ones.