Monday, May 28, 2012

Can't Let a Little Rain Bring Us Down: Port Huron

Sunday we spent the day in Port Huron, and had great intentions for doing fun stuff. Not surprisingly, the Michigan weather had other plans for us. Every time we tried to venture anywhere, the sky would appear ominous, storm clouds would start advancing rapidly, the wind would pick up, and the thunder and rain would follow. But we didn't let the wonky weather prevent us from having a good time while visiting my dad and his family.

There were historical reenactments going on in town, in honor of the holiday, but being that it was so wet and gross outside, we decided that wouldn't be the best idea.
Michigan weather 1 - George family 0

After lunch, it was warming up outside and clearing up so we decided to head to the Fort Gratiot lighthouse. The lighthouse was closed due to excessively damp conditions - even though it wasn't raining at this point, the lighthouse was too wet from earlier. 
Michigan weather 2 - George family 0

We decided to walk over to the beach and let the kids run around for a few and maybe dip their toes in the frigidly cold Lake Huron. Scary looking storm clouds started moving in quickly from several directions. The wind started viciously whipping the sand against our bare legs. The temperatures dropped. We made a run for the car.
Michigan weather 3 - George family 0

When we left the lighthouse and beach, the sky suddenly didn't look quite so ominous anymore. We stopped at a playground. We did get to play for a little while, until it started drizzling.
Michigan weather 3 - George family 1

Later on, the weather once again seemed to have cleared up. Go-Karts sounded fun, so several of our party left for the Go-Kart track. Before long, thunder rattled the sky and the rain fell. But, they made it around the track once before it was closed down due to weather; I'll call that a small victory.
Michigan weather 3 - George family 2

Once again, the sun peeked out. The kids ditched their jackets and ran around outside until it was time to go home.
Michigan weather 3 - George family 3

Despite the crazy weather, we had a great day. When you live somewhere like Michigan, with ever-changing weather, you just have to learn to roll with it. And we did.

Storm clouds rolling across Lake Huron
Fort Gratiot Lighthouse

Realizing he shouldn't have left his jacket in the van...
Although Mathilda did NOT want to leave the beach, nor did she appreciate sand on her new pink sparkly shoes.
Old building on lighthouse property
Glamorous Lucy
Brave Mattie climbing the monkey bars with her scrummy little legs.

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