Monday, May 28, 2012

Review of Ubisoft's Facebook Game "Horse Haven"

I'm always receiving requests from Facebook friends to join them in playing some game or other. Or sometimes the requests are for help. Cindy needs 10 nails to complete her barn. I never really knew what these requests were about until I was given the opportunity to try out Ubisoft's Facebook game, Horse Haven.

My messy ranch and my first foal.
In Horse Haven, the player (ie: me) has been bequeathed a decrepit old horse ranch and given the opportunity to bring it back to its former glory. The game involves buying, breeding, and caring for horses. The player is also assigned with all tasks associated with upkeep of the ranch, growing food for the horses, and training the horses. Points and game cash are rewarded for completing specific tasks. It soon becomes addictive  - pulling weeds and clearing debris, growing carrots, taking the horses through their cycles of care (which include giving them food and water, letting them sleep, etc.) so that they can go to work to earn money for the ranch.

Completing jobs requires lots of energy.
There's a good tutorial at the beginning of the game, and since it's pretty informative I don't recommend skipping it. Then again, I'm a beginner when it comes to this type of game, so if you're already a Facebook gaming pro, you might not find the tutorial to be necessary.

The list of tasks, which is located on the left side, are designed to help you progress through the game and earn more achievements. Eventually you can take your horses to other locations so they can compete and win prizes.

Rewards for leveling up
In the beginning levels of the game, the energy needed to complete various jobs around the ranch is depleted very quickly. However, as you progress you increase your capacity for energy. Plus you can buy energy packs if you get really desperate.

As you move up to higher levels of the game, you unlock merchandise for the store and you earn rewards. I love free stuff, even if it's virtual, pretend free stuff, so I especially appreciate the rewards.

Your Horse Haven world expands little by little as well.  As you can see, on my map, since I'm still a beginner, there are lots of grey buildings on my map. Those are locations that have yet to be unlocked.
My map is not very comprehensive yet
But eventually, as they become unlocked, I'll be able to travel around and do different things. Also, players can visit their friends' ranches and earn game money by helping out.
My achievements leave something to be desired as well!

Ribbons, or achievements, can be earned throughout the game for completing a certain number of particular tasks. For example, earn a ribbon for breeding five horses.

Horse Haven is a fun diversion, and it can be made even more entertaining and interactive by inviting Facebook friends to play along with you. Then you can visit their ranches and you can help each other out by sending gifts needed to complete tasks.

Have you ever played Horse Haven? Or are there other Facebook games you're hooked on?

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