Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Morning Madness

I've grown accustomed to loving Monday mornings because of book club. But this week we had to re-arrange things and we'll be meeting Thursday instead. So instead of enjoying myself at Aimee's house, I'll be cleaning up the Mother's Day mess and doing laundry. Since my family seems to enjoy eating, I guess I should fit in a trip to the grocery store too. None of this sounds very appealing. At all. But it is a beautiful day, so I'm going to try to get my junk done quickly so Mattie and I can get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Looking at my calendar for the week is making my head spin. It's all good though. Or nothing too bad, at least. I am particularly looking forward to Lucy's field trip, book club, meeting a friend for a walk, and having the book club girls over for a movie night. My goal for the week is basically to make it to the weekend intact. I think I can do it.

Besides my nutty schedule, I'd like to focus on a few things this week.
  1. Pay attention to what I'm eating and feeding my family. Cooking needs to become a verb that happens on a more regular basis in my kitchen. Somehow, some way, it will become habit. It must!
  2. Keep up with the exercising. I feel like I've been doing okay with this. I need to keep doing okay and up the ante a little bit. The season of bare legs and swimsuits is approaching quickly. I don't want to spend my summer mortified. Must stay motivated.
  3. Laundry is getting out of hand again. I need to get it back to a more manageable mountain. One of the biggest problems is putting away the clean clothes. As in I hate putting away the clean clothes. Chris takes care of his own, and I've got Bethany and Connor more or less trained. So that leaves me, Lucy, and Mattie. And we have a lot of clothes, with not enough closet and dresser space. I'm going to try to make time to wrangle this mess into something I can handle. Wish me luck!
Anyone have any tips to help keep me sane? Meal planning tips? Exercising motivation? Laundry hope?

Do you have any particular goals for the week? Or anything special planned?

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