Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday! I thought today I'd get my day started with my thankful post to set a positive tone to the day. As opposed to waiting until the kids are in bed to sit down and write.

I am thankful that my father-in-law drove Bethany and I to the airport yesterday so I didn't have to deal with figuring out where to park. Since only I was allowed to go to the gate with her, and I had to stay until her plane was in the air, he went to a nearby restaurant and hung out while waiting for me. How awesome is that? I've never parked at the airport, and that is exactly the kind of stupid thing I typically stress about (but where will I paaaaaark? said in an extremely whiny tone, FYI), so his help was truly appreciated.

I'm thankful that Chris's mom kept Mattie overnight Tuesday night so I wouldn't have to deal with getting her ready as Bethany and I were getting ready for the airport Wednesday morning. 

I'm thankful that everything went smoothly with the airport and the flight, and Bethany made it to Florida safe and sound.

I'm thankful that Bethany has this awesome opportunity to travel to Florida to visit Chris's brother. She's probably on her way to Disney right this very minute!

I'm thankful for the warm weather. Even if I am suddenly opposed to wearing shorts.

I'm thankful for time with my friends.

I'm thankful that Chris helped me go through all the crap on my desk last night and get the area nice and (mostly) organized.

I'm thankful that Chris is on a cleaning and organizing kick right now. He helps to motivate me. Especially because one of the things on my list of goals to accomplish by September is to clean every room, closet, and cupboard in the entire house. Maybe a little ambitious, but we've only lived here 3 years so how bad could it be? (don't ask)

I'm thankful for all the pink and sparkly clothes my friend Aimee gave me for Lucy this week. She does have hand-me-downs from Bethany, but my eldest wasn't quite so feminine in her personal style at age 5. Plus Lucy is taller than Bethany was in kindergarten, so Bethany's 1st/2nd grade clothes are fitting her now...and the older Bethany gets the less frou frou girly her wardrobe gets. So Lucy was thrilled to get her own bag of glittery goodness. And I think it's possible that I might not need to buy her *anything* for summer except some new shoes.

I'm thankful for the darling matching sailor dresses Chris's mom picked up for Lucy and Mattie at Macy's last weekend. They are so darn cute, I can't wait to have an excuse to dress the girls up and get some pictures.

I'm thankful for my yogurt and fruit smoothies I've been having for breakfast every day. It takes a few minutes of effort, but I feel really good having started my day with a whole bunch of healthy deliciousness. I mean, I've already consumed 4-5 servings of fruits and veggies and a good portion of my calcium for the day. (I also have a calcium supplement every morning, so that helps with that!)

I'm thankful that yesterday was the last day of catechism. Our Wednesday afternoons are now free! Love it!

I'm thankful that after tomorrow there's only 5 more weeks of school. Woo hoo! 

What are you thankful for today?

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