Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review of Moppy Floor Cleaner

moppyCleaning floors is one of my most hated chores, especially because the kids and the dog are constantly wreaking havoc on them. But, since I love natural products that are safe for my kids and my dog, I was happy to have the opportunity to try out Moppy floor cleaner, made by Natural House.  It contains probiotics, which are supposed to keep working for an entire week. Maybe that means my floors won't feel like they need to be cleaned again five minutes after I'm done washing them!

A 30 day supply of Moppy comes in a small plastic zip top bag. It contains four little packets, which remind me very much of dishwasher tablets. Since the probiotics are meant to work for a week, each little packet is for one weekly use. You just drop one packet into a bucket of water, watch it dissolve, and get to work. I love that the package doesn't take up much space, like other cleaning products that come in large jugs. But that's not the only thing I love about Moppy.

My whole family suffers from allergies, and my girls have asthma, so we're sensitive to a lot of strongly scented cleaning products. Moppy has a very light, non-intrusive orange mint scent. It's pleasant, yet hardly noticeable. Love.

The list of ingredients makes my heart sing. Check this out:
  • Soda ash
  • Baking soda
  • Corn sugar
  • Citrus extract
  • Plant based surfactant
  • Natural enzymes
None of that stuff sounds like anything that could kill my kids or my dog, and in fact, the package is clearly marked "non toxic." It's also phosphate free, eco-friendly, and biodegradable.

Moppy is made in the U.S.A., which is always a bonus. Sometimes it isn't all that easy to find products that our made in my own country, and thereby hopefully keeping jobs right here where they belong.

Even though it's all natural, Moppy is an industrial grade cleaning product. So it's gentle, yet strong. I don't use rubber gloves, and dipping my hands in the bucket repeatedly didn't even make them feel nasty at all.

It's safe for use on many different surfaces, including finished hardwood, tile, vinyl, marble, terrazzo, and high gloss surfaces. I used it on my laminate floors and also tried it on my hardwood, and it worked like a charm. I will admit that it streaked a bit on the laminate, but I'm not exactly the best floor cleaner, so it's probably my own fault. Lots of cleaners streak on the laminate, but maybe if I had a good mop instead of using a rag on my hands and knees, I'd have better results.

I hear the word "probiotic" tossed around quite a bit, and I'll admit I'm not all that sure of what it means. But according to the Moppy package, the priobiotics help to keep surfaces germ and odor free, and that is a win-win in my book.

There are many other Natural House products which I'm also excited to try. They all have cutesy names that end in a "y". For example, there's Flushy the toilet bowl cleaner, and Trashy, the trash can deodorizer and cleaner. I definitely like Moppy well enough to give it my seal of approval, and to buy it again.

I was provided with a 30-day supply of Moppy for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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Manaka Niita said...

Moppy Floor cleaner contains probiotics? Is this probiotics for dogs because you mentioned it about your dog?