Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gift Guide for a 3-Year Old

Mattie turned 3 last week, and she got several gifts for her birthday that were definite hits. I thought I'd share some of them here, because sometimes it's hard to figure out what to buy for a 3-year old, whether you have one of your own or not. As you'll notice, most of her gifts are suitable for boys and girls.

Little Tikes 'Lil Wagon

My kids love rides in our big red wagon, so when I saw this little version, I knew Mattie would love it. I was so right. She loves pulling dolls, stuffed animals, and toys around the house and around our court in her little mini wagon. It comes in pink too, and at first I wanted to get that one, but then I figured it would be cute if the little one matched our big one.

Melissa & Doug Sandwich Set

Melissa & Doug sets are so cute. I love them because they are well made and they foster creativity. My kids love pretend play. This set comes with over 30 felt pieces, so kids can get as crazy as they want with their sandwich creations. Lucy has been having fun with this too.

Melissa & Doug Birthday Party Cake

Another fun Melissa & Doug set! This one is made of wood. All the pieces have velcro so they stick together. There are candles, toppings, a cake platter, and a server included in the set. Lucy's been enjoying this as much as Mattie.

Melissa & Doug Playful Pets Puzzle (12 pieces)

Mattie loves puzzles, and I am a particular fan of Melissa & Doug puzzles because they are high quality and the pictures are great. This one is a wooden puzzle. She likes the pictures of the animals, and it's a good size for her.

Ty Beanie Ballz

Mattie got the large panda, and it is really pretty big. It's cute and soft, and you can toss it around like a ball. They come in different sizes and several different animals. I'm usually not the biggest fan of stuffed animals, but this one is kind of a stuffie with a twist. And Mattie loves it.

Dora's Big Birthday Adventure DVD

Mattie is a huge Dora fan. She got a few DVDs for Christmas, and we knew she would love to get this one for her birthday. I gave it to her as soon as she woke up on her birthday so she could watch it while I was taking the kids to school. It's had several viewings since then.

She also got an adorable little Minnie Mouse wheeled backpack, but I couldn't find a picture of it. So cute, and just her size. In it was a Minnie Mouse doll, which of course has been added to the massive collection of dolls on her bed. Plus she got cash, which we love because it goes straight into her bank account, and a Toys R Us gift card, which she loves because she can pick out her own stuff.

What birthday gift have you bought for a 3-year old (or that someone bought for your 3-year old) that ended up being a huge success? Or that totally bombed?


Tracy Balderach said...

Wow! Your last baby turned 3? Are you out of diapers? Bitter sweet, I am sure! Callie's 3rd bday in Feb was a hit with presents too. Her favorite was her imaginary doctors kit. It's actually been a hit with all three of my kids. Happy summer to you guys!

alyaia75 said...

Yes, my baby is 3! And we are done with diapers - it's a beautiful thing! My kids have a doctor kit, I think my oldest got it, many years ago. A definite favorite for sure!