Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Exercycle: Stop looking at me like that. I'll get to you later. Maybe.

Dear Mosquito: Did you really have to bite me on the boniest part of my body?

Dear Mathilda's Preschool Teachers: I'm sorry. I could tell you that Meet the Teacher day was just a fluke, and she usually behaves like a little angel, but I'm no liar.

Dear Cough Which Has Afflicted Mathilda for Weeks: Two doctor visits and four prescriptions later, I think it's about time you beat it, k?

Dear Self: It might be a good idea to put all those dates that are on notes all over the house on the calendar before things get ugly.

Dear Good Friend Tina: Next time we think it's a great idea to stay at the gym until 1 a.m., let's first consider whether we have to get up before the sun the following morning. Good workout though.

Dear H Hotel: I have a sick crush on you. When can I see you again?

Dear Chris: I had a wonderful weekend with you. Even though we talked about the kids most of the time, at least they weren't interrupting us while we were talking about them.

Dear Hermit Crabs: Stop dumping out your water bowl. I'm over it already.

Dear School District: Is it really so hard to schedule two weeks off over Christmas break? Do you get a prize for making our kids go to school more than kids in other districts?

Dear Week-Overdue Pregnant Mom at the Preschool Picnic: You deserve a medal. Seriously. I hope you're having that baby right now.

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Brandy Bruce said...

Hahaha! I love your letter to the mosquito! Seriously, one bit me yesterday behind my ear. I was with this group of women and I kept hitting myself on the neck and behind my ear. I'm pretty sure I looked crazy. Hop over and check out my letters too!