Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thankful for Lucy

Lucy shares a birthday with her Grandpa
Today, in honor of September 11, I am thankful for Lucy. She was born on September 11, 2006. In case you're not so good at math, she just turned 6 on Tuesday. Because of her, 9/11 has a very special meaning for our family. Instead of brooding and being sad, we celebrate. Because Lucy is something to celebrate.

Lucy is a sweet and gentle soul. She's a little shy, and last year her kindergarten teacher told me that she barely made a peep in class all year. Yet she loves to dance, and has no problem getting up on a stage in front of hundreds of people. When Lucy grows up, she wants to be a ballerina. Her slender and slight (yet tall!) little form definitely looks the part of ballet dancer.

So excited!
For her birthday, Lucy asked only for three My Little Pony dolls. That's it. She told everybody the same thing: Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Apple Jack. And when she opened her gifts she was so thrilled and excited about every single thing she received. Yes, she got the ponies, along with several other things. To see her literally jumping up and down and shrieking because she loved her presents so much was really gratifying. She's appreciative, and I hope it lasts. As I've mentioned, she didn't want a birthday party with her friends this year. She only wants me to take her out for ice cream this weekend with one good friend. And she is happily anticipating this simple treat as if she were heading to Disney World.

Hardly a day goes by that Lucy doesn't squeeze me hard and remind me that to her, I am "the best mommy ever." She loves to cuddle, to be held, to be read to, to share millions of hugs and kisses, and she is very free and generous with her affections. Her entire life she has been like this. As an infant, she would snuggle into me so comfortably, and be content to be held for hours. She brought me a sense of peace then, like her very presence was enough to calm me and remind me to be grateful for my life and my family. And today I am thankful that she has brought our family six years of joy and love. I am proud of her efforts in school, and the way she tries to be the very best big sister to Mathilda. I am proud of her loving nature, and the kindness she shows her friends.

Lucy Goosy, you're a good egg. And I can't believe you're 6!

Love those dimples, and those little round cheeks!

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