Friday, September 21, 2012

A Roof Over My Head

The weather has been nice in Michigan, but there's a little nip in the air. Nights are cool. The sun doesn't shine quite so hot on sunny days. Before we know it, winter will be here full force. We'll be bundling up in our warm coats, hats and boots when we have to venture out. And when we're home, we'll snuggle under blankets, sipping hot cocoa, secure in the knowledge that our heater will keep us warm. We'll take hot showers and baths, and use our kitchens to cook good, hot meals to warm us up inside. The walls around us will protect us from the elements, and while we'll hear the wind howling outside, our homes will protect us from feeling it.

Sadly, however, I know that what I just described is not the reality for millions of people. So many will be getting by, living in cheap, drafty motel rooms, homeless shelters, or even on the streets. Low income housing is available in cities across the United States, but I'm guessing that lots of people have no idea how to go about finding it, or they are too proud to ask for help. The internet is a great resource, and websites exist for the sole purpose of trying to help people find housing options that are affordable, no matter what state they live in. Of course people with homes may not have daily access to a computer, but libraries are a good source of free internet usage. Such websites contain quite a bit of useful information to assist people in their search for housing.

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