Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Can't Get Here Quick Enough

This post was published last year. I accomplished a lot on my list, but not everything. I haven't made a complete Summer Bucket List this year yet...what's on yours?

May sure is busy this year. This weekend we will be celebrating our sweet and sassy Mathilda's 2nd birthday, and next week Lucy will be graduating from preschool. Bethany & Connor have only 16 days left of 4th and 2nd grade, respectively. And then summer break, the time I look forward to all year, will be upon us at last! 

I can't wait to sleep in. I can't wait to go to the beach. I can't wait to hang out at the park. I can't wait to go swimming...outdoors! I can't wait for day trips and long, lazy play dates and trips up north. I can't wait for freeeeeeedom! Blissful freedom to choose what I want to do with my kids everyday for 3 whole months!

Every summer, it seems, I have grand plans and a long, ambitious list of things I want to do, and I never ever get through the whole list. This year will be no different, I'm sure. Here's this year's agenda, off the top of my head and totally incomplete:

  • Spend a week in Port Austin (booked!)
  • Go to Roger's City (la hotel de Aunt Donna always has an opening for us, right Aunt Donna?)
  • Take the kids to Tahquamenon Falls in the U.P., a place I visited when I was a kid which maybe marks the beginning of my love affair with waterfalls. Also, Chris's grandparents went there for their honeymoon about 70 years ago, how cool is that?!
  • Visit family in Grand Rapids, and take the kids to Meijer Gardens while we're there. My mom and I took Bethany & Connor there when they were very little, and it was so much fun - I want Lucy & Mathilda to get to experience it too.
  • Make my kids take an entire month off of the television, including video games. I've already been talking this up. I think it's going to be July. I hope they don't cry about it too much, but guess what? They'll get over it!
  • Visit family in Midland
  • Go back to Chris's dad's cabin
  • Go camping
  • Go to the Detroit RiverFront and let the kids splash around in the fountains like we did last summer. Preferably, do this more than once.
  • Go to Belle Isle, an annual tradition. 
  • Go to Mexican Village and eat outside.
  • Visit the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, something I have yet to do.
  • Visit the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts), something I haven't done in a couple years.
  • Go to Greenfield Village
  • Go to the Toledo Zoo
  • Read Anne Frank's Diary of a Young Girl with Bethany and then take her to the Holocaust Memorial Center where we can meet actual survivors of the Holocaust
  • and...well I could go on, but see what I mean about long and ambitious? I wonder how many of these items I'll get to cross off my list...
I seriously might be more excited than the kids. Truly. My only slight hang up is that I've been leery and ahem, maybe just a bit lazy, about working out since my health scares in November and then again in February. Since I need to be able to keep up with my kids, I really need to get on a walking regime. Starting...well how about tomorrow? Tomorrow is always a good place to start.

Lucy at Belle Isle

Lucy at the beach in Lexington, MI

Connor, Lucy, and Bethany at the beach in Port Austin, MI

Mathilda sleeping at the Port Austin beach

Ocqueoc Falls

The beach in Rogers City


ThurberGang said...

I want to have a Michigan Summer - George style!! I'll need to glean wisdom from you...

alyaia75 said...

Somehow I have a feeling that a Thurber summer is pretty darn awesome...and I just *know* we'll be doing some of these things together :-)

Unknown said...

Visiting from the PATCH :) cute blog!! And wonderful idea's ....have a wonderful summer with you family!

Unknown said...

oops "your" :)

alyaia75 said...

Hi Jenny, thanks for stopping by! I found your blog via Patch as well and I'm following you!