Saturday, September 24, 2011

Can You Take a Compliment?

Last night I was at a party, and just as I was about to bow out, say my good-byes and make my early escape, a woman sat at a table with my mother-in-law and I. A conversation started, and before long Chris's mom couldn't help but bring up four of her favorite people - her grandchildren - otherwise known as my kids. This woman looked at me and said, "You have four kids? How old are you?" And so it began.

I told her that I'm 36 and she was incredulous. Now mind you, she had had more than a few drinks. So her judgement and vision were surely off. But nonetheless, she spent the next 10 or 15 minutes going on and on about how young I look and how I should be in a Dove commercial. And that God gave me a special gift and I should use that gift as a means to make my real dreams in life come true. Her compliments were sweet and sincere, and honestly I can't remember the last time I was so kindly complimented by someone I don't know. 

And...I was so uncomfortable I could barely sit there and listen to her. I spent much of the time she was talking to me giggling like an idiot and I'm sure I turned 10 ever darkening shades of red. I have a hard time taking any compliment with a straight face, much less one that goes on and on like this one did. I thanked her several times, and busted out of there as soon as I politely could. 

So...can you take a compliment, or do you get uncomfortable like I do? Why is it that some of us have such difficulty gracefully accepting a compliment without feeling somehow unworthy of it? 

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