Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Books Are Your Friends

I love books. I love holding them, loaning them to friends, borrowing them, reading them, re-reading them, and looking at them. When I first heard of Kindle and other e-readers, I never really thought I'd be interested because of my love for physical books. mind is beginning to change. I will always love real books, and I will always buy them and keep them on my book shelves. But there are certain times when a Kindle would be so convenient. When traveling, it would be so nice to not lug heavy books around. I could conveniently carry Kindle editions for myself and all four of my darlings without taking up valuable space in my carry-on or killing my back. If I finished a book while away from home, I could simply go online on my Kindle and buy another book. 

There are many other times when I'd love to have a Kindle too. I could easily keep it handy in my purse for all those times when I unexpectedly have time to kill. Doctor appointments, waiting for the kids after school, and on and on. Carrying a heavy book around "just in case" gets quite cumbersome, but a Kindle would be a breeze.

So, while I'm loyal to books, I could easily see myself becoming a Kindle convert. The new Kindle 3 is super small and light-weight - just 8.5 ounces! And BzzAgent is giving me a chance to possibly try it. 

What about you? Are you sticking with paper books, or are you already on board with a Kindle or other e-book reader? What is your opinion of the new electronic age of reading?

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