Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So What Wednesday

I'm linking up with Life After I Dew for So What! Wednesday.


  • So What! if I looked like a total uncoordinated fool at my first Zumba class tonight? (looked like one...because I AM one...)
  • So What! if I scarred Bethany and Connor for life by scheduling their physicals at the same time, with the same doctor, and making them don paper robes which really, really embarrassed them?
  • So What! if I need the impending pressure of company coming over to push me to clean my house?
  • So What! if my living room is full of band equipment until Chris's next practice?
  • So What! if I tricked my family into eating vegetarian meat substitutes twice now? Guess what? They liked it!
  • So What! if I'm going to a wedding next week and I have no idea if there is a single dress in my closet that still fits me? I'm too afraid to actually try anything on to find out for sure!
  • So What! if my kids' alarm is set for earlier than mine everyday?
  • So What! if I slept until noon last Saturday? Noon! I had the house to myself, which is of course the only way that would ever be possible.
What are you saying So What! to this week?

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