Sunday, September 25, 2011

MichiGal Week in Review

Have you missed any recent posts on MichiGal? Take a few to catch up...this week I'll be adding a Weekend Rundown, which I may start doing every Sunday night/Monday morning; I'll continue Meatless Monday; I'll share a book review and giveaway of special interest to moms of tween girls; and much more! 

  • Your Bottom is Safe in This House (Unless It's Your Birthday)  Do you spank your kids? I feel like I'm in the (vast) minority because we don't. Tell me what you think...
  • Meatless Monday! Week 2  I fooled my family yet again, using Harmony Valley Vegetarian Sausage Mix. Do you have any favorite vegetarian recipes?
  • Measurements  I can't believe how big my babies are getting, and I'm lamenting the loss of our wall where we marked their growth at our old house. Do you measure your kids with pencil marks on the walls?
  • So What! Wednesday  I linked up with Life After I Dew again for So What Wednesday.
  • Summer's Over, But Outside Fun Isn't  We've been trying hard to make sure our kids get lots of outside fun and physical activity. What are your kids' favorite outdoor activities? How do you encourage them to have fun outside even when the temperature drops?
  • Thursday Thankful Round-Up  I have so much to be thankful for, how about you? What are you feeling especially thankful for lately?
  • Healthy Food Fight!  Our family is trying to eat healthier. Aetna is sponsoring a Healthy Food Fight recipe contest, you should check it out for cooking inspiration!
  • Can You Take A Compliment?  I received an incredibly nice compliment, and it made me so uncomfortable I could barely stand it. How about you, do you accept compliments easily, or does it make you squirm to hear people tell you nice things about yourself?

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