Sunday, September 11, 2011

Five Years of Lucy

Today we celebrated Lucy's 5th birthday. It was a quiet day at home. We had a few guests over for dinner and cake. Lucy seems to be coming down with a little cold, so she turned down a piece of the chocolate cake with pink frosting I made at her request. It was canned frosting, but who can blame me after TWO failed attempts at cooked frosting?? I will not try that again until I have a candy thermometer.

Anyway, I already wrote a little about Lucy's birthday, but here are some pictures and Lucy-isms in honor of her special day. 

When we found out we were expecting Lucy, my grandma was very ill. She passed away before we found out Lucy would be a girl, and that she would be named Lucille after her. Her middle name is Margaret, after Chris's grandma on his mom's side.

Being born right at the beginning of the school year, one day before Connor started preschool and one week after Bethany started kindergarten, Lucy was on the go from the day she came home from the hospital. She was two-months old when she had her first airplane trip and her first visit to Disney World. Although she was not a great sleeper (putting it mildly), it never really bothered me. She was sweet and cuddly and happily went along with anything. I can't explain how she just didn't stress me out, but she didn't. I was so happy to have three beautiful and healthy children. She effortlessly fit right into our family.

Lucy is...sweet. She loves hugs and kisses and cuddle time. She has a vocabulary that blows my mind. She loves books, puzzles,video games, Barbies, and princesses. She loves to help me cook. She is generous and loving and enjoys watching sunsets and dancing. She's also emotional, heartfelt, and oh-so -stubborn!

Now Lucy is in kindergarten, and I can hardly believe it. She is such a joy in our lives, and even though she's a big kid now, she will always be my baby girl.

Happy Birthday, Lucy Margaret!

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