Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So What Wednesday

I'm linking up to Life After I Dew for So What Wednesday.

  • So what if we chose half day kindergarten for Lucy, and that she is one of only three kids (out of three classes) who leave school before lunch. What is so wrong with half day kindergarten????
  • So what if I am having a really hard time being positive lately?
  • So what if my feelings can still get hurt even though I'm a grown up?
  • So what if the 2nd day of school isn't even over yet and I'm already over it?
  • So what if I love chocolate milk as much as my kids? (And ice cream, for that matter.)
  • So what if I'm sitting here writing a blog post despite the million and one things that need to get done around my house?
  • So what if I was briefly addicted to the Restaurant Story app on my iPod touch? I'm over it now, no need to contact Intervention.
  • So what if I think it's really cute that Mathilda calls Mickey Mouse "Yep Yep", and I even encourage her to do it instead of correcting her.
  • So what if thinking about what to cook for dinner every night gives me brain strain?
What are you saying So What to this week?


Shannon Dew said...

Really only 3 kids do half day? That seems crazy to me! I totally plan on doing half day for KP {if it's an option then}

alyaia75 said...

Yes, and the other two kids have different teachers, so she is the only one in her class. I'm feeling the pressure to switch her. It sucks. She's still a baby for God's sake!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

even though we are adults we still have feelings too! that will never change so its ok to be upset with someone who said something or did something they should have not done! Oh n ps chocolate milk is amazing who cares that us adults love it we are allowed to still be kids to a point lol :) have a great weekend...