Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer Run Down

This summer has been sublime. Back in May I wrote about some of the things I wanted to do this summer, so I thought I'd go back and review. And I'm surprised to see that we did quite a few things on the list (plus lots more not on the list!).

  • Spend a week in Port Austin - DONE
  • Go to Rogers City - DONE
  • Go to Tahquamenon Falls - DONE
  • Make the kids go TV-free for a month - DONE
  • Go to Belle Isle - DONE
  • Go to the Toledo Zoo - DONE
  • Go to the Detroit RiverFront - DONE
And then of course there's a lot we didn't get to.

  • Go to Grand Rapids - maybe this fall
  • Go to my father-in-law's cabin (Chris went for a weekend with his dad, the rest of us will have to wait)
  • Go camping - hopefully next summer!
  • Go to Mexican Village 
  • Go to the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History - maybe on a weekend this fall
  • Go to the DIA - ditto
  • Go to Greenfield Village - ditto again
  • Read Anne Frank's Diary of a Young Girl with Bethany, and then visit the Holocaust Memorial Center - ditto yet again
We've missed a lot from my list, but the ones we did were pretty good! And then there's all the other stuff we did that wasn't on my list, like:

  • Whitefish Point and the Shipwreck Museum 
  • Oswald's Bear Ranch
  • African Safari Wildlife Park
  • Bowling
  • Going to the local beach/park/splash pad/nature center
  • Having a garage sale
  • Spending a day at the beach in Lexington
  • Seeing a children's play downtown 
  • Going to a concert at our local park
  • Sleepovers with friends
  • Many days at various parks
  • Days spent swimming
  • Jungle Java, a local indoor play place
  • Sleeping Bear Dunes
  • And lots more!
It really, really was such a fabulous summer. As always, I'm sorry we didn't get more in before the start of the new school year. But we concentrated a lot on doing nothing this summer too - which definitely has its own charms!

Happy back to school to you. Happy end of summer, happy fall. 

Bethany & Mattie at the pool

Hanging out with cousins ~ Lexington ~

Connor, Lucy, Bethany, and Mathilda ~ Lexington ~

Sno Cones with friends at the park
Splash pad

Lucy ~ Sleeping Bear Dunes ~ 

Mattie & Bethany ~ Sleeping Bear Dunes ~

Starting the climb ~ Sleeping Bear Dunes ~

Lucy ~ Sleeping Bear Dunes~

Connor & Lucy ~ Sleeping Bear Dunes ~
Kiddies with their Auntie Mary ~ Sleeping Bear Dunes ~
The kids at Sleeping Bear Dunes with my 'lil sis
Lovely family picture ~ Frankfort ~ Lake Michigan ~

Bethany ~ crystal clear Lake Michigan ~

Lucy ~ beautiful Lake Michigan beach ~ Frankfort

Cottage in Frankfort
Connor & the Playmobil pirate ~ Frankfort ~

Lucy enjoying a caramel covered rice crispy treat ~ Frankfort ~

Downtown with friends
Playing in the fountains outside of the Renaissance Center
Oh Canada ~ view from Detroit RiverFront
Carousel ride downtown


Diane and Chad said...

beautiful Michigan photos of your beautiful kids...sounds like it was a great summer:)

ThurberGang said...

What a lovely summer! Glad that we were a part of it!