Saturday, September 3, 2011

Maybe Playing Summer is the Answer

The end is here. Of summer, that is. Technically there are a couple more weeks until the first day of fall, and it's still super duper hot outside, but I know the beginning of sweater weather will be here way too soon. I will miss swimming and beaches and flip flops and temperatures in the 80's. And I will miss spontaneous picnics at the park, sleeping in, and freedom from schedules. Every year it gets harder for me to say good-bye to summertime.

As the weather turns colder, finding activities for kids becomes more and more challenging. Especially because I hate the cold and being outside in it. Because my kids love the water, and we're all going to miss swimming, it would be really fun if we could manage a trip to an indoor water park this fall or winter. One where we could stay overnight and make a mini-vacation out of it would be ideal. There are several indoor water parks within a couple hours of here. I'd like to go to one in a location where there are other things to do as well. Maybe having something fun like this to look forward to - something reminiscent of summer - would help me get through the cold weather a little easier.

The idea has been in the back of my mind to ask grandparents to help fund just such a trip in lieu of Christmas gifts this year. My kids have so much. They'd be fine with just a small gift from each set of grandparents and money toward a weekend getaway. The experience and the fun memories would mean much more than a gift that will be forgotten in no time. I think I'll start pricing out indoor water park hotels so I can have a plan formulated when our parents start asking what they should get the kids for Christmas.

Have you ever taken your kids on a trip in place of Christmas or birthday gifts? Do you think it's a good idea and something they would appreciate?


Anna Garcia said...

I quick Vacation would Be Nice. Anna

About a Mom said...

I am the opposite. I am so tired of the summer heat an welcome the fall/winter seasons. I have never heard of and indoor water park before. Sounds pretty neat! Stopping by from VB. Please visit me at About A Mom when you get a chance.

Jen @ BigBinder said...

We haven't done a trip instead of a gift, but we have had people buy a membership to the zoo or Meijer Gardens or something rather than an actual 'open it up' gift, and that worked well. But I like the indoor water park idea too!