Monday, July 4, 2011

Fantastic Fourth

I could rattle on endlessly about how much I love summer. We've just been having so much fun. Today we spent a little time at Chris's mom's park, which I love because they actually keep the pool warm. Like I don't even flinch when I get in. (Chris thinks I'm crazy, but yes, even when it's 95 degrees outside, I still prefer a warm pool.) It's a private park for a small community which consists of mostly older people with no little kids. Today the parking lot was completely full and we had to park across the street, yet the parking lot is actually not that big at all, so while there were way more people there than usual, the park was not really very crowded at all. We got a picnic table right by the lake when we were ready to have our snack. There was no wait for swings on the playground. There were tops 10 or 12 kids in the kiddie pool. We even got lounge chairs by the pool, no problem. It was lovely.

After we left the park, we headed to a barbeque with some friends, and that was perfect too. Except Chris started feeling sick and ended up going home early, but I stayed with the kids while they played and played and played, and my friend drove us home later on. I love that I have friends with kids who are friends with my kids. We can talk, they can play, everybody wins.

Back at home my big girls couldn't sleep because of the noise of the fireworks. (Connor is at a friend's house). So they came downstairs and sat on the porch and watched the awesome show someone in our neighborhood put on.

We have so many fun things going on this month. Can July just stretch on forever, pretty please?

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