Monday, July 18, 2011

A Little Office Space of My Own

Sometimes I think it would be perfect if Chris and I could come up with a business idea to create our own company and be our own bosses. What kind of company that would be, I'm not quite sure. Which is probably why we haven't done it yet. And really, I don't have much of a mind for business. I'm sure I could learn though. I just need some inspiration. I think we're both pretty sick of dealing with issues of employment and finance, and maybe we'd have more luck in the world of entrepreneurs.

Other people we know who are business owners do seem to have an issue with working a lot of long hours. If it were a labor of love, that wouldn't be so bad, but of course we have our family to think about. And staying organized, which isn't, ummmm, our strong suit to begin with. No matter what, we'd almost certainly be working out of our house. Even though our "new" house (that we've lived in for 2 years) is much bigger than our old house, there's a lot of us and space is a bit limited. There are no extra bedrooms. We'd have to get creative with use of space, but I'm pretty sure we could come up with something in the basement or family room.

A few things we'd need to think about in a home office:
  • A dedicated phone line, maybe even a 1 800 number. I think this would be better than just using our cell phones all the time because then we could have separate voice mail for our business. And we could always have calls from our 1 800 number forwarded to our cell phones if necessary.
  • Some desk space, including a computer to dedicate primarily to business purposes and some kind of filing system.
  • Keeping our kids away from our home office space because for some reason they think they own pretty much every inch of this place.
Whether Chris and I ever start our own business or not, he did some re-arranging in our family room last week which will enable me to have some of my own space for doing stuff like sewing or writing or whatever the heck I feel like doing. I still need to organize everything, but I'm pretty excited to be able to maybe not have to do everything while sitting on the couch with a lap desk or taking over the dining room table.

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