Sunday, July 3, 2011

Upcoming Reviews and Giveaways! Coupons to Use Now - EvoraPlus/EvoraPet

I'm really excited that I've been given the opportunity to review several new products - and host giveaways too! - in the coming weeks. I love trying new things and sharing my opinion for the benefit of other prospective buyers (and my friends and family, of course!), and I am thrilled that some of my readers will get to try these products too.

I recently received two items made by Oragenics, EvoraPlus and EvoraPet. They are both probiotic oral care products - one for humans and one for dogs and cats. I got a 30-day supply of each, and just started using them. I will be reviewing them all in good time, and giving my readers a chance to win them as well. But in the meantime, if you're curious and interested in trying either or both of these 100% natural products, I have coupon codes to share with you that can be used at now through August 31, 2011 (US only).

  •  EvoraPlus is a mild tasting probiotic mint, to dissolve in your mouth once a day after brushing. According to the bottle, it "Naturally whitens teeth, naturally freshens breath, and supports gum and tooth health." The coupon code, for $5 off, is EPLUS811.
  • EvoraPet is a powder probiotic to sprinkle on your dog or cat's food once a day. It has no taste or smell, and according the container, use of this product will freshen your pet's breath while cleaning and whitening his teeth. The coupon code, for $5 off, is EPET811.
I will provide a lot more information about these products when I post the actual reviews, but just wanted to give everyone extra time to take advantage of the coupon codes. Don't forget - they expire August 31, 2011.

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