Saturday, July 2, 2011

I Think I'm In Love

Fish annual infestation in SE Michigan
I may have mentioned once or twice that summer is my favorite time of year. This past week we have had great weather in southeast Michigan and it is really and truly finally feeling like summer. We had to turn the a/c on. And I'm cheap, so you know we needed  it. The kids have been playing outside, we spent an awesome day at Belle Isle with lots of friends, another afternoon at our local splash pad, an entire day hanging out with friends at our house (and in and out of the pool about 50 times), and today - swimming at Chris's dad's. We sleep in. We eat dinner at 9:00. We walk around barefoot. We grill burgers and hot dogs a million times a week. Our gate is covered with bathing suits and towels. We eat ice cream and popsicles every single day. In short...heaven.

I kind of wonder...would I get sick of summer if there were no winter, spring, and fall as contrast? Is it that those other seasons make me appreciate summer, and without them I'd be bored of warm, sunshiny, beautiful weather? I don't think so. Actually, I think I'd probably be a much happier person if every day was 80 degrees and mostly sunny. Sure, I like a little variety every now and again. A rain storm is divine (especially a summer one) while cuddled up in bed with a book. Snow is beautiful when it is freshly fallen. I enjoy a crisp, cool fall day too. But still...I definitely think I could live with 365 days of summer. It'd be okay with me if it varied from, say 60 degrees, to about 90 degrees.

I'm just so happy to be in the midst of summer right now. What about you? Do you think summer is the utmost in perfection too?


Whispering Waves said...

You bet! Summer equates to family good times :D It's rainy season where I am at. Enjoy your summer while it lasts.

Diane and Chad said...

I'm in MI also, so yesterday's humid heat is not my favorite...I LOVE autumn's beautiful wind and colored leaves, fall smells wonderful! But I need all 4 seasons to appreciate each one. We definitely get that in MI , don't we?

alyaia75 said...

Yetsky, I am definitely enjoying it :-)Diane and Chad, yeah 4 seasons can be nice but this year it felt like winter winter winter...and now finally summer. I agree that autumn in Michigan is great, until it gets too cold to comfortably be outside. Apple picking or trick or treating in winter gear just kind of kills it for me, you know?