Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tween Shopping

My darling Bethany has always been particular about clothes. As soon as she learned to dress (and undress...) herself, she was changing her clothes non-stop. She went through a phase of nothing but dresses, a tomboy phase, an 80's retro phase, and a mismatch phase, just to name a few. 

The older Bethany gets, the pickier she gets about her clothes. She has definite ideas about what she wants to wear, so much so that I really don't like to buy her clothes anymore unless she is with me to grant her seal of approval. Shopping at certain stores is becoming important to her too. I took her back to school shopping a few weeks ago at a particular store she requested, and started feeling a little sick to my stomach as I noticed most of the other shoppers were teens. Bethany is only 10. As I pointed out to the salesman who asked why I had purchased her jeans at a different store, she is still too small to even fit into any of the bottoms sold at this store. However, she wants to grow up so badly - almost as much as I want her to remain a little girl! I know that's normal, but it makes me sad too. The tops she chose were entirely appropriate, so I can't complain too much. I just wish she wasn't so darn anxious to be a teenager.

Soon we will be shopping for kids outerwear. Sorry to remind my fellow Michiganders, but winter comes too soon in the mitten state. Often I make the mistake of keeping myself in denial for too long, and then when I'm finally forced to shop for coats and boots (say, because of a sudden blizzard or 30 degree temperature drop), there's nothing left to pick from. I hope I can find something that pleases my little fashionista, since she doesn't have the benefit of hand-me-downs as her younger sisters do. Connor doesn't really care what he wears, as long as it's not pastel and can more or less fall into the categories of cool and comfortable.

Do you already have coats and boots ready for the inevitable? Or do you wait until the last minute, and end up running into 10 stores to find something in the right size that your child will actually wear?

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Anonymous said...

Aww, I have 6 year old twin girls who still love everything pink, Barbie and Princess. I can't even imagine anything different right now, especially just four short years down the road. I feel for you!!