Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back in the School Groove

We're now into our second month of the new school year, and while I really miss summer, we're all back in the school groove. There is fun and joy to be found even when it's not summer, I might just need to try a little harder to find it.

Before the year started, we went back to school shopping, with a little help from grandparents (so thankful for generous grandparents!!!). My mom, armed with school supply lists, was on the lookout for discount school supplies for weeks before the new term started, and she got Bethany and Connor everything they needed. She got Lucy everything we thought she would need, since we didn't have a supply list for her. And then we got a very pleasant surprise - we found out that all the supplies for kindergarten students are provided by the school! I never expected that! So the things my mom bought for Lucy are being used at home, because let me tell you, one can never have too many glue sticks, markers, and crayons! My mom also bought shoes for each of the kids. Chris's mom took Bethany, Connor, and Lucy clothes shopping. We are so thankful for all the help! I still need to get them winter boots, which I always put off until there are like three pairs to choose from. I should learn my lesson, but I'm in snow denial!

Bethany and Connor have started their new catechism sessions (catechism = religious education for Catholics), and that is going well since they both have friends in their classes. Bethany and Lucy started dance at a new studio that is literally about a two minute drive from my house, and they both have friends in their dance classes. They're excited to be dancing again. Soon Bethany will be starting basketball and we're looking into floor hockey for Connor. In other words,our afternoons are busy, but manageable. 

Everything is going pretty well, actually. The kids get up for school on time, and they are always ready early with very few (if any) complications. Which means if they're late for school, it's no one's fault but my own (hasn't happened yet!). Homework gets done with very little fussing. Bed time goes off without a hitch most nights. I'm used to planning my days around being at school three times a day (morning drop off, picking Lucy up at lunch time, and afternoon pick up). I'm helping to plan the school Book Fair and hoping to start volunteering at school on a regular basis (my required background check just went through). Every now and then I get to meet my mom or a friend while the kids are at school. Life is good. Of course, we still haven't hit the bad weather. That's the real test for me. But so far, so good!

If you have school aged kids, are you back into the school groove? How's everyone adjusting to the new school year?

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