Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Rundown

Well let me just be honest here. I've had better weekends. Since the sickies are cycling through my house I've been caught in the monotony of making Jello and washing pukey sheets and blankets day in and day out. But of course that's not all there was to it.

I spent Friday evening at the kids' elementary school helping out with the Scholastic Book Fair. By helping I mean I tried to make sure the books stayed on the shelves, and that they more or less stayed where they were supposed to. I couldn't believe how many times I found kids stepping on books, and at one point I had to give a kid the I-mean-business-look when he spilled water on a few books and tried to sneak off without doing anything about it. When he realized I was on to him, he very politely got some paper towels for me so I could dry off the books. Good boy. The Book Fair is an absolute mad house, which is good for our school because they earn books based on how many they sell, but not much fun for a person who hates crowds, such as myself. I stayed to help clean up afterward, which was no big deal because I had a  lot of help. Bethany and her friends hung out, doing whatever it is 5th grade girls do, while I worked. The rest of the kids stayed home because 1) Two of them were sick, and 2) It was a mad house (see above) and there's no way I would have been able to look after Mattie.

Saturday I seem to remember being very, very tired. I suppose because of the puking that was going on during the night. The day is a blur. I just remember doing lots of laundry and driving kids around. Chris got a call from a friend asking if he'd be interested in having (as in for FREE) all of his Star Wars Lego sets because he was sick of them. I mean look at that.
<----------------- Go ahead, take a good look. That's a Millennium Falcon there! Connor has been wanting that for ages, but for some strange reason we've been reluctant to dish out the $150 for it. And all those other ships too! So the remainder of the weekend was like Christmas, with Lucy, Chris, and Connor playing Star Wars and Mathilda ticking everyone off because she kept knocking stuff down on the floor like the pint-size trouble maker that she is.

Sunday started off as a continuation of Puke Fest, with a little Dog Poop Fest thrown in for fun. Bethany was off to Cedar Point for the day with a friend, so we didn't even see her until late at night. We haven't had the full report yet, but from the gist of what she said before she fell over into a deep slumber, I'm pretty sure she went on almost every single ride. That's my good brave girl. Where did she come from? Actually I was very worried she was going to wuss out and leave her friend high and dry with nobody to ride with. But nope, she overcame her genetic predisposition to be terrified of amusement park rides. 

So after I got everything and everybody cleaned up Sunday morning, my mom picked me up and we went to a Women's Expo show at a nearby community college. Which turned out to be a bunch of people very aggressively trying to get us to buy new windows, Tupperware, and spa treatments. So we just found a table and sat and chatted for awhile, before leaving to do a little shopping.

When I got home, Chris took Connor to get a new pair of shoes. Several months ago, he got him a pair from a local skate shop, which Connor wore for months before we realized they were two different sizes. Chris had talked to the owner of the shop a couple weeks ago and was told to bring Connor in & he'd give him a new pair of shoes. Which is a really good thing because the new Airwalk shoes Connor got for school, just 6 weeks ago, are totally falling apart already. I emailed Airwalk with some pictures of the shoes. We'll see how much they care about customer satisfaction and selling quality shoes. I'll let you know if I ever hear from them.

That was about the extent of my oh-so-exciting weekend. Did you do anything fun?

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