Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dream Destination: Costa Rica

monteverdeSo I was just telling you all that I think it'd be the bees knees to spend Christmas in a tropical paradise. Some might think I'm crazy, maybe even my own husband and kids. But nonetheless, I have been daydreaming about a vacation. It doesn't have to be at Christmas time, it just has to be warm and...well pretty much, that's my main requirement.

Here's something you may not know about me: I've always wanted to visit a rain forest. The Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica looks and sounds like heaven. I love wildlife and trees, and if you throw in a waterfall or two, well I don't know if it could get much better. The idea of zip-lining through the rainforest, like I always see on travel ads for Costa Rica, both terrifies and thrills me. If I ever get there, I hope I have the guts to try it.

I find myself perusing Costa Rica homes for rent online, and imagining different scenarios: Chris and I, alone; Chris and I, with the kids; Chris and I, with friends; Chris and I, with friends and kids (theirs and ours). I know Chris is itching to book a trip for just he and I, and I have to admit that would be awfully nice. Of course I have a hard time doing anything really awesome without my kids, because the whole time I'm thinking about how much they would love everything. But grown-up time is sometimes a necessity. It's okay to miss my babies now and then. Maybe before they all graduate from high school we'll actually get to do it.

Have you ever been to a rain forest, or to Costa Rica? Do you ever travel for pleasure without your kids? Does the guilt eat you alive, or do you love it?

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