Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gildan Apparel is Teaming Up With My Stuff Bags to Help Foster Kids

Have you heard of Gildan? There's a pretty good chance that you or someone in your household has a Gildan t-shirt - maybe from a concert or other event - even if the name doesn't ring a bill.

Gildan makes high-quality t-shirts, sweatshirts, socks and underwear - basic essentials made to last. This year they are the title sponsor of the New Mexico Bowl for the first time - now the Gildan New Mexico Bowl.

In keeping with their new affiliation with football, Gildan is running a Touchdowns for Tuition sweepstakes through November 15. The Grand Prize is a $10,000 college scholarship (regardless of the age of your child) AND a trip for a family of 4 to the Gildan New Mexico Bowl! Up to 25 daily prizes will also be given away! Enter once a day for daily instant notification prizes.

Right now Gildan is selling College Care Packages, which include: a pullover hoodie sweatshirt, a crew neck sweatshirt, 3 t-shirts, a Gildan New Mexico Bowl shirt, a 6 pack of underwear (available for men only), and a 6 pack of socks (2 packages for women, to make up for the lack of underwear). The packages are available for a special rate of $39.99 (regular $69!) for the duration of the Touchdowns for Tuition sweepstakes, which ends November 15.

For each College Care Package that Gildan sells, they are donating a socks and underwear package to My Stuff Bags, a non-profit organization that helps to provide foster children with much needed items. Gildan has committed to donating a minimum of 500 socks and underwear care packages, but they would LOVE to donate a lot more!

According to Gildan's Vice President of Marketing and Merchandising,Rob Packard, "Giving back to our community has always been important to Gildan." Janeen Holmes, President/CEO of My Stuff Bags Foundation offers a reminder that "Children who must be rescued from abuse and neglect often enter foster care with nothing of their own." Can you imagine the trauma of a child being removed from his home, which is terrible enough in its own right, and add to it the discomfort of not being able to bring anything familiar from his home? The least these kids need and deserve is their very own brand new package of socks and underwear. 

If you know of anyone who could use a Gildan College Care Package - and everyone could, not just college students - please consider supporting this very worthwhile cause.

Gildan was kind enough to send me a College Care Package, which is a little different than the ones that are for sale. Mine includes a re-usable bag, a crew neck sweatshirt, three t-shirts, a 6-pack of socks and a 6-packof underwear. I ordered mine for Chris and planned on donating at least half of the items to my church for their winter homeless program. When I mentioned this in my email, I had the chance to experience first hand Gildan's dedication to helping out in the community. I was told that instead of just one Care Package, I would actually receive three - one for Chris and two for my church. This was a generous and unexpected gesture.

If you want to get involved, here's what you can do:
  • Visit Gildan's website for more information about their products and programs
  • Like Gildan on Facebook and share it with your friends
  • Enter the Touchdowns for Tuition sweepstakes here or here.
  • Purchase a Gildan College Care Package 
  • Vist the My Stuff Bags website for more information about how they help kids in foster care 
  • Like My Stuff Bags on Facebook and share their page with your friends 
  • Share this post with your friends and family to help spread the word about Gildan's Touchdowns for Tuition sweepstakes, the Gildan College Care Packages, and Gildan's partnership with My Stuff Bags. 

A note about the Touchdowns for Tuition sweepstakes: Gildan will add $1000 to the scholarship for every touchdown scored during the Gildan New Mexico Bowl, up to a maximum of $10,000. In other words, the scholarship may end up being for less than $10,000 - it all depends on the game!

Remember, the deadline to enter the sweepstakes and to order a College Care Package at a discounted price is November 15!

Disclaimer: I received a Gilda care package at no charge, plus two to donate to my church, and each set included a sweatshirts, three t-shirts, a package of socks and a package of underwater. I received no other compensation, and all views and opinions are my own


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