Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kitchen Wishes

My kitchen makes me cringe. I'm pretty sure it was re-done by previous owners right in the middle of the country kitchen "craze". And I'm not talking about a quaint country French kitchen, I'm thinking more of a mid 1980's look. And then it was frozen in time, like a time capsule. We were in such a rush when we moved into this house, being that I was about to give birth any second, that we never got around to doing anything to the kitchen besides painting and putting in a new ceiling fan. And then of course there never seems to be any money for things like new counter tops. But a girl can dream!

One thing that really bothers me is that it doesn't look like the cupboards were installed in a way that utilizes all the available space. I don't see a gutted kitchen anywhere in my future, so I suppose I'll have to live with the cabinet placement. The light honey colored wood is not my fave either. For the past two and a half years I've been saying we should stain the cupboard doors, and maybe there is a chance of that happening sometime. If we did that, and switched the cabinet hardware, it would make a huge difference. 

But, my list of complaints continues. I hate the sink. It's too small and it's white. I have to scrub that sucker with all my might to get it clean. Chris and I actually bought a new sink on clearance a couple years ago, and I'd love to install it. However, there's the problem of the country blue countertops, edged in wood that matches the cabinets. They are wretched. And I don't want to switch the sink until we get new countertops. I'd love something really gorgeous, like marble countertops.  

I'd also like to take down a wall, get new flooring, pick out or make new window treatments, and get a new stove. For now I'm just window shopping, but maybe next year we can start creating a kitchen that doesn't make me want to cook blindfolded.

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