Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Rundown

I can't believe another fun-filled weekend is already gone daddy gone. I feel like we do a lot, yet we really do nothing. I'm in need of some culture or entertainment of some kind. Not that I don't enjoy my slightly chaotic weekend running around. 

Friday evening Bethany's friend called and asked if she could come over and hang out for awhile. Then Lucy asked if she could call my mom and invite herself over. So as it turned out, I dropped Bethany off at her friend's house, then dropped Lucy & Mathilda off at my mom's house. Then Chris & I took Connor out to dinner and pretended like we only have one kid. Life is sure quiet with one kid. We had a good time at dinner, then we went to the toy store because Connor had some money and a gift card that has been burning a hole in his pocket for a long time. Spending one-on-one time with the kids doesn't happen often enough, but we really should make the effort more because they need it, and so do we.

Saturday was chore blitzkrieg time. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Which is funny because by Saturday night it looked we had never done a damn thing around the house that day. Connor went off to a birthday party in the afternoon, and then to a sleepover. 

In the meantime, our godson and his sister came over to our house for a sleepover. Our godson is Chris's cousin's son, so he and his sister are actually cousins of our kids. Second cousins? First cousins once removed? I don't know, whatever. Everybody had so much fun together, we seriously can't wait to have them over again. Connor came home Sunday morning a few hours before they left, so he didn't completely miss out on the cousin fun.

Sunday morning Mathilda slept in late and then didn't want to get out of bed. When I went upstairs to get her, she was still laying down, all covered up, and asked me to put Little Einsteins on for her. (Yes my kids have televisions in their rooms. We've been over this once or twice.) This is extremely strange behavior for Mathilda, so I immediately knew she was not feeling well. She had no fever, but was lethargic on and off all day and didn't eat a thing. We had plans to go to Chris's mom's for Sunday dinner, and just as I was about to get Mattie and Lucy in the bath before we went, I found Mattie sleeping on the family room floor. So she skipped her bath and went to dinner in her jammies. But she was happy and playful for most of the day, thank goodness.

Sunday night Mathilda just couldn't seem to get comfortable. She was tossing and turning all night, calling me, asking for a movie on, then asking me to turn the t.v. off, then telling me she needed her diaper changed, then asking for more water. I was up and down those stairs so many times, I lost count. Then came the puke. Changed the jammies, cleaned her up, & put her on the couch to sleep for the rest of the night, which turned out to be not long at all. As the kids were getting ready for school, she puked again. Still no fever and still no eating. If she's not better tomorrow I think we'll be heading to the pediatrician.

A highlight of my weekend: my good friend told me she was cleaning out and had "a few pair of jeans" for me. Well that turned out to be three bags full of super cute clothes that I love. I am so lucky, so blessed, so loved.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything special?

P.S. If you find my weekend rundown posts to be rather dull, sorry about that but such is life right now. Busy but not terribly exciting, and that's okay with me. And doing these posts helps me remember what we did all weekend!

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