Thursday, October 20, 2011

WEN by Chaz Dean

Recently I wrote about all the fabulous freebies I received from Influenster to sample and review in my Naturals Vox Box. One of my favorite items in the Vox Box was the WEN cleansing conditioner.

WEN® Cleansing ConditionerWEN presented a bit of a challenge for me, because when I first started using it, I did not get very favorable results. In fact, my hair felt greasy and limp. But if this has happened to you, I urge you to not give up and to give WEN another chance!

I have talked to several people who use and love WEN products, and they offered me some tips that made all the difference in the world for me! 

First of all, have an open mind. WEN is not like regular shampoo at all. It's not going to get all sudsy, which for most of us is the signal that our hair is getting clean. You need to get used to that, and trust that your hair is still getting clean even if it's not sudsy like you're accustomed to.

When using WEN, apply it to your hair and scalp in sections. I put two or three pumps in my hand, rub my hands together, and apply it to my hair while massaging my scalp. For my hair, I divide my head into about 4 or 5 sections. After I apply it and massage my scalp a little, I add a few splashes of water and massage some more, which does suds it up a little bit. Then I move onto the next section until my whole head is covered. I give it an all over rub and scalp massage, and then leave it in my hair while I continue with my shower. So I do the WEN first, before I wash up and shave. That gives the product plenty of time to do its thing.

If you do all this and your hair still doesn't feel as clean as you'd like, go ahead and use more WEN! To me this felt counter-intuitive, because it just felt to me like it was the WEN that was making my hair feel yucky, so why on earth would I want to add more of it? But that's not really true - not using enough of the product results in your hair not being thoroughly cleaned. So go ahead and add a few more pumps, and see if it doesn't make a difference. 

WEN smells great, and my hair looks and feels healthy and clean when I use it. I have normal, slightly wavy hair that has a bit of a tendency to frizz. I've heard of great results with naturally curly or course hair that is normally difficult to control. Do know that using WEN takes considerably more effort than traditional shampoo and conditioner, but the end result is well worth it! 


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